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Can it please be tomorrow?!?!?!

I have the doctors tomorrow and I finally find out if I can return to diving and karate.  I can also start doing hard workouts and ab workouts and finally get back into the shape i was before.  Not to say I’m out of shape I’m just not as in shape as I prefer to be.

Things I don’t understand…

- How someone could say that they really want to go to a certain college when they’ve never set foot on the campus.

- How someone can be in love with someone else after only being with them for 2 weeks.

- How someone can say they hate someone before that person did anything bad to them.

- How it’s okay for a boy to party all the time, binge drink, smoke all they want, fuck any one but if a thought like that even passes a girls mind she’s a whore and a terrible person.

- How anyone could disrespect an adult to their face.

- How someone can tell you they love you and you’re the only one they want, and then say that you were never important to them and everything they said wasn’t meant at all.

- How someone can break a promise for no good reason.

I don’t think that today could get any better.

I got into my number one school Syracuse today which I’m ecstatic about.  I found out I can compete tomorrow.  I got new contacts that don’t bother my eyes.  And I just have been having a good day.  God loves me today.